Slate Article Goes After NaturalNews


Was refreshing to see a NaturalNews reference in my news feed actually refuting their claims for once. Good on them.

Have you heard that eating whole lemons prevents cancer? Or that bathing in Himalayan salt rids the body of harmful toxins? That eating hijiki seaweed can delay hair graying? If you have a few Facebook friends, you’ve probably encountered some of these claims. The website Natural News —which seems like a parody but is unfortunately quite serious—published these preposterous stories, and many others just as silly, last week alone.

Hokum like this is best ignored, but hundreds of thousands of Americans fail to do so.Natural News has achieved astonishing traction on social media, garnering Facebook shares in the high five and low six figures. These numbers should trouble you—Natural News has an uncanny ability to move unsophisticated readers from harmless dietary balderdash to medical quackery to anti-government zealotry.
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I'm sure some scientist squirting lemon into their salad accidentally gets some juice in a Petri dish full of cancer cells and discovers they all died and now he has to hide it.

Then even if lemon juice did kill cancer cells in a Petri dish that doesn't translate into it killing cancer cells when you eat it. I could shoot the Preti dish full of cancer cells and destroy them but I don't think an effective form of treatment would be to then shoot cancer patients.