SkyderALERT: where does the money go?


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This is my first thread here and I hope it is suitable. I have done a search and have found the question asked on an old thread but seemingly not answered.

I'm interested in tracking down who is actually making the money off the chemtrail scam.

SkyderALERT is one outfit that seems to be selling lots of stuff: iPhone apps at £1.99 a throw; $70 DVD sets, etc. Plus of course the ubiquitous "DONATE NOW" button.

According to their website, "SkyderALERT is a 501(c)4 Not-for-profit organization."

Being British I'm not too familiar with the definitions, but it appears that this status is basically akin to that of a charity, i.e. tax exempt. And, of course, "not-for-profit" doesn't mean that it can't make a profit! It just means that it doesn't have shareholders and the money is supposed to be ploughed back into the organisation somehow.

I also find that such organisations are obliged to file a Form 990 each year, and to make at least three years' filings public.

There are various sites where you can check the Form 990 filings, but I can find no trace of any entity called Skyder, Skyderalert, Skyder Alert, Skyder Inc or anything to do with Skyder.

However, SkyderALERT's "sister organisation", SkyAnalysis, is listed:

However it appears to have no financial filings listed as yet, and has a Ruling Date (i.e. the date the tax-exempt status was confirmed) of May 2014.

Skyder has been going for a lot longer than this, hasn't it, and claiming 501(c)4 status?

So where are the filings? How much money are they raking in from the gullible? And who is it going to?

The only clue I have so far is the address on the SkyAnalysis site, 2501 SW 21st Terrace, Miami, which appears to be up for sale for $525,000:

No chemtrails overhead on Street View!

Edit: As soon as I posted that, I find that Skyder, Inc is a FLORIDA non profit corporation:

No financial data available via those links, but it should be publicly accessible, right?
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I would be wary of labeling something a scam unless you can conclusively demonstrate it. While it's certainly very suspicious, to the chemtrail enthusiast it might appear like George is doing good work, and hence if they see someone labeling him a scam artist, then it might create the type of adversarial wall we try to avoid.
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