Sirius Disclosure (film) UFO/new energy/ancient aliens/anti gravity/coverup/meditatio


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Dr. Steven Greer heads up this "documentary", now being screened, or for rent or sale.

He is rather well-known in ETI/UFO circles, and even proposing a new CE-5 inniative.
(CE-3 is "Close Encounters of the 3rd kind)
CE-5 is a term describing a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), characterized by mutual, bilateral communication rather than unilateral contact. The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI.
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He claims "contact" with ETI's is through: Cosmic Consciousness Meditation, and remote viewing.

He even has a ET Contact Tool phone help discover and make contact with aliens.

The film claims the Chile’s Atacama Desert Alien is a humanoid alien, but has since been refuted by Stanford University.


Stanford University report:

Here's a good description and possible explanations of the 6 inch figure....

His ideas encompass many, many conspiracy theories within in the film, and his business.
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