Searching and Linking to MUFON cases

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MUFON is a long established organization that maintains a database of "UFO" sightings which sometimes contains things we discuss here on Skydentify. Unfortunately their database system is a little fiddly to access. Often people will find cases in the "Last 20 Reports" link from the home page
This gives you the basic info of the case, but generally the interesting stuff is in the "Long Description". You can click on this and you will get a pop-up window with the description and a direct link to the long description. For example:

So people often link to the case with this "long Description" link. Unfortunately this does not include the attachments. Once the case has dropped off the top-20, then only way I've found to get back the links to the attachments is to use the search system. On their home page this is currently a broken link under "Track UFOs". However a working link to the Mufon search system is:
You can just enter the case number here and you'll get the a single row with the links to the long description and attachments.

You can also create a direct link that's essentially the same as that search using this link, and just changing the case number at the end:

(Technically this is the same as submitting the search form with everything blank except for the case number and the only required field, the primary sorting method)

Another search link:
Which is just the framed version of:
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