Searchable State Police Report and OFFICIAL reports/press releases

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Searchable database of the Sandy Hook State Police Report available. Photos and videos (dashcams, crimescene) not available in the searchable version. see below for link to report with media included.

We can now search, copy and paste from PDFs etc.

the ocr embedded files to download:
note: i might have messed up which download is which as far as labels, so let me know if the links dont match the labels.. thanks! i dont want to redownload them to see.

Primary investigation: 9 books (evidence, witness statement, responder statements etc) -!ZUlVWArI!tjyitBxoMBUd2XnLan44WlYi6pIpxrRg8XljLRhTNtU

Sandy Hook Elementary School scene processing:!VE9lwIID!gZELBPkre3c1Q4z5ebxgm4Q6D5a8oBnUlEcTHypRdbI

36 Yogananda St investigation:!VZl1CSQA!SO1kiL4MH_ocYQJvxUn0l0M4Ss98-vzRnKAwalYPDao

If you have Micorosft Windows 7 or windows 8 you might need a pdf ifilter.
64 bit

Then you may have to wait a bit while your computer catches up. But it does work! Nice!
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