Sandy Hook: "There's a rumor it's fake"

Josh Heuer

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There was some buzz after the 911 calls we're released, and I'm pretty surprised nobody has made a topic on this yet.

Claim: In one of the 911 calls (USAToday has links to them for reference, it's in tape 2) made during the Sandy Hook school shooting, someone (who? Some dispatcher?) is heard supposedly saying 'there's a rumor it's fake' (followed by a man saying saying 'Jen, I need you to get off that phone').

Here's an example of a YouTube user who thinks it's part of a larger hoax:

Is this just like the 'meteorological spraying/spring' case where what's being said is just misunderstood? Something else?


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hard to tell. there are multiple dispatchers in the office, who answer different calls. Sounds like this is the VERY beginning of the 911 calls. the lady in the background could have been talking to her husband or neighbor about something completely unrelated which to me explains the man saying "you need to get off that phone". meaning.. we got something serious going down, we need all hands on deck and phones cleared.

But that's just how I hear it.

Josh Heuer

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it's also hard to verify that IS what she is saying. I'm hearing it, but I was told what to expect to hear first.

There is a thread here that shows nicely (except the original video/sound clip was taken down once the claim was debunked) that we tend to hear what we're told we are going to hear. Like all those EVT?s they do on 'ghost' shows.
Yeah that was my first thought (I mentioned the meteorological spring/spraying in the OP). My thought is either:
  • We're not hearing what she's saying correctly (meteorological spring/spraying thread very relevant)
  • It's taken out of context


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Yeah that was my first thought (I mentioned the meteorological spring/spraying in the OP). My thought is either:
  • We're not hearing what she's saying correctly (meteorological spring/spraying thread very relevant)
  • It's taken out of context
lol oh yea I must have seen it 'subliminally'. sorry

Josh Heuer

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lol oh yea I must have seen it 'subliminally'. sorry
No worries. If there's any decent programs out there to clean up audio or separate bits of audio that would definitely help clear this up. The lady 'Jen' seems to be saying other things before and after the supposed 'there's a rumor it's fake'. There's definitely mumbling going on.

I also feel like I hear the word 'state' instead of 'fake' when I listen sometimes. Maybe in reference to state troopers (the first dispatcher does mention later on to 'Jen' to call state troopers).

It could also be some dispatcher lingo we are unfamiliar with.


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I just don't know with the time frame (being very early in 911 calls) if a 'rumor' could have been started already. Seems like a weird phrase to use at that time.

Melbury's Brick

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I'm suspicious of audio that's been "cleaned up". The mindset of the "cleaner" could too easily be a factor. I recall one suggestion being "Is there a room where it's safe?"


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I'm actually rather appalled that there exists a "rumor" ("rumour") at all that this tragedy was "faked". There are twenty children and 6 school staff members, all who of course have family and friends and acquaintances.

The sheer bogosity is astounding, and the complete lack of basic human morality and empathy displayed by those who promote such nonsense. This is reminiscent on a smaller scale to the same sort of repulsive behavior seen after the 9/11 events.


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Huh. apparently they consolidated 3 barrack's dispatchers last april 2012. Moving "southbury" dispatch to the Litchfield center. (Troop A and B consolidated with Troop L) THAT explains the crudy directions dispatch was giving over the radio. I thought that was bizarre.

Anyway, its a rather large dispatch center which would explain multiple calls, possibly (probably) unrelated to the incident. I doubt he would say 'get off the phone' is she was on with a victim/caller.



They planned this whole fake shooting using various agencies and services yet forgot to let 911/dispatch in on it. :rolleyes:


The other thing about this audio is that the male dispatcher asks "is it safe" this type of question is a common question operators ask.


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First, yes, I think if you told people they were going to hear: "Is there a room where it's safe?"
that's what most people would hear.

But even if someone had said "There's a rumor it's fake," that wouldn't mean much to me.

Now--beyond the terror of that moment--when we know that a tragedy occurred there that day,
there exist thousands of "rumors it's fake" and despite YouTube University and lots of creepy music,
there's still no good reason to believe "it's fake."


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The timing on that line may likely be just a coincidence. But if you think about it, 911 calls were pouring in like crazy on that day, so the operator was telling this person "get off the phone" because someone important was trying to reach dispatchers and an ordinary citizen blocking that call puts burden on said responders. "There's a rumor its fake" is more of a dogmatic statement; absolutely no reason for its conclusion at all
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