Sandy Hook Predicted in Dec 2010


Very strange post on GLP forum... Link does not work now (error404) Any ideas?
[h=1]Obama use school shooting to disarm America? posted August 2010, thread locked.[/h]
In approximate 2 years from today there will be mass school shooting in Connecticut. A lone gunman will kill many children. That’s a trick of propaganda. Step by step, they make it a totalitarian country.
They have a false flag attack on December 2012 to justify their war on 2nd Amendment. The responsible gunowner is wronged as terrorist. The real mastermind of the shootings grins at the soap opera they directed. They treat you like fools. Do not have a logic confuse. [source 'google cached copy of' UNFORUMZED]

What was the state of Sandy Hook? Connecticut.
What was the date of Sandy Hook? December 14th 2012.
EXACTLY AS PREDICTED by user kathaksung (banned).

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Hmm, seems like any claimed evidence has evaporated.

Kathaksung has posted here as katsung47. I think he got banned at one point, but it expired. He's had an extensive past of getting banned from various places.

Fascinating... he is posting all over... all sorts of stuff. Complaining his stuff is deleted... which is obviously borne out in this case.

On 1/20 I wrote #754 revealed something about how the Feds would frame a case on me in May. On that day, I was banned by YUKU. Yuku is a big internet web provider which hosts a lot of webs. I posted in more than a dozen of web sites which were under Yuku system. Now I am banned to enter those sites. I lose all the contents I posted there.
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A lot is pretty far out there though...

58. The earthquake next day (2/9/2013)

The Feds used to send out a warning to intimidate people if they felt being offended. When I paid sales tax of my inventory to the State Board of Equalization, there was a swift response.

Next day (1/7/2010) there was an earthquake in Milpitas. At that time, because my computer was harassed by the Feds severely, I had to go to Milpitas Library everyday for internet surfing. That morning, Everybody in Library could feel the strong shaking. The Library evacuated all the people inside the building. I knew it was an intimidation from the Feds. Because they have a good command of modern techniques, they view themselves as God. They were angry that I disrupted their plan. From this event, I also learned how proficient they were to operate an earthquake – by choosing the time and location they preferred.
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lol. if he had saved a url to any of his earth shattering predictions we could wayback him....

an earthquake just for you? now thats a hell of a god/superiority/importance complex if ive ever seen one....