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Just ran across info regarding the CNN footage aired on Dec 14 of at least 7 police storming Sandy Hook Elementary School. Aerial footage of Sandy Hook clearly is not the school in the footage. The actual grounds around the school entrance are different. This footage seems to have been taken at a preschool some 1.4 miles away and plugged into the massacre footage aired by CNN and reported by Anderson Cooper. There is evidence that a state/federal exercise was scheduled in the area and my have been run concurrent to the shootings. These kinds of exercises make perfect cover for strange happenings.

Of course is a notorius conspiracy site but where else would one go to find/verify conspiracy theories? Certainly not the MSM.

I don't know what happened and would not care if it wasn't so loosely wrapped. Some of the nonsense to help point out the crazies like the devil signs and the names of all the actors appearing Jewish is a hoot. Kind of like the pod people and 9/11. We need to paint the theorists who do not agree with the MSM as crazies and what better way than to plant a dumb aspect of the story that they can't ignore. The story has far too many holes in it. A few holes are necessary but so many holes is worrisome on many levels.

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That's appears to be evidence that the police went to check another nearby school in Newtown, about a mile away, after 26 people had been killed at Sandy Hook.

Do you think that's somehow unreasonable? Wouldn't you WANT the police to go check other schools were secure?

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There was actually a bomb threat to that school/church two days after the shooting. Police had rushed over to the school, as did SWAT, because there were people inside the building. This video clip may or may not be related to that event

Edit: Well never mind that. If the footage is from the day of the shooting, then there is likely a different reason as to what was going on other than the bomb threat.


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Aerial footage of Sandy Hook clearly is not the school in the footage

Here is the video being referred to on "Rense":

They must have selective vision. At 0:04, 1:14, 1:48, we can clearly see Sandy Hook Elementary. Compare the yellow painted grids on the parking lot to the aerial images of the schools.

I think it is completely reasonable that the two schools, well within view of the helicopter, would be filmed.

Rense said:
The footage in question that aired LIVE on CNN the morning of the shooting has been identified by as what appears to be a simultaneous “active-shooter drill” conducted at the St. Rose Pre School 1.4 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut

Um, no. Let's have a look at the publicly available CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Emergency Services & Homeland Security website, where we can see these scheduled emergency response classes(which happen every week):

Here is the event detail page for the one that occured on Dec 14th:

The address for the class was:
2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT

It was nowhere near Newtown(relatively speaking at least).


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strose1.JPG st. rose in lockdown dec 14 2012

Police swarmed St. Rose of Lima School on Church Hill Road in Newtown Friday afternoon, hours after the shooting at nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Neil Curry, whose 11-year-old son Kevin is in fifth grade at the school, said the school was put in lock down three times during the day. Curry said a person was found “lurking” outside a kindergarten class room. Later, an “agitated” person was reported inside the St. Rose of Lima Church near the school.
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the rense video was aired dec 14th and can be found on the cnn site. (click video to find faster)

oops. link to above pic
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