Safya Yassin, Missouri ISIS supporter and chemtrails believer arrested for threats

Jay Reynolds

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Safya Roe Yassin, a US citizen, was arrested by FBI agents for allegedly threatening FBI agents on her Twitter account and supporting ISIS.

Here is the US Attorney's criminal complaint:

The affidavit describes Yassin's actions which also included posting of photos names and addresses of several US Air Force personnel who were threatened. She is alleged to have held up to 97 Twitter accounts and a Facebook page. Earlier this year she had been interviewed by the FBI but said she had no interest in ISIS.

In this local news video(two hours away from me), an acquaintance of Yassin describes that chemtrails was one of her interests.

She says Yassin was passionate about everything she believed in. "Chemtrails, vaccines, issues related to Autism, Monsanto; I mean, whatever she got involved in or thought about, she expressed that very passionately," Brandenburg says.
Brandenburg recalls her Facebook posts and messages were often rants. "The content and the tone was very intense, and a little bit extreme," says Brandenburg.

As a graduate student pursuing a career in mental health, Brandenburg admits she did have concerns for Safya's mental well being. "I would read some of the rants on Facebook and she would send me personal messages, and I would be a little troubled by them,"Brandenburg says.
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