Russian ICBM-Test photographed from the ISS


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Some Hours ago, Astronaut Mike Hopkins photgraphed a Rocket-Plume from the ISS. This picture remembers "old Debunkers" on the so called "Norwegian Spiral"


This looks clearly like an ICBM-Plume. From an interesting Perspektive, it seems that the Missle was (at that Moment) in direction to the ISS as the Photo was made, so we can look into a kind of "Tunnel".

This was discussed on Twitter:

...and i´m a little proud to give the professional SPace-Guys in the US an important hint


A spanish Blog was faster and made an Article hours ago:


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That's a huge amount of space in that plume. And how thin the Earth's atmosphere is! Great pic. :)


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"Very cool video. I highly doubt that aliens use solid rocket fueled engines to navigate both here and throughout the universe though." - rather a nice comment in among the box...
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