Roxy Lopez, at it again


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When there was that plane crash, of a twin turboprop Commander into the mountain near Phoenix, well its quite a tragedy, and especially when its 3 kids from one family and a mom has lost all of her kids.

Then you have someone like "Roxy Lopez", who tries to take advantage of it to create fear mongering and to make up some kind of conspiracy around it.

She brings up surface to air missiles, or if a Predator fired a missile at it.
Now she tries to act like its a secret company with mysterious government contracts.

What is the reality?
They supply aircraft with a pilot, for Bureau of Land Management contracts for fire surveillance.

Mick West

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Her "analysis" of the video seems to be rather wishful thinking. I just see the plane fly into the mountain, that's all.

Supposedly she sees a SAM hit the plane, with no real explosion, knocking out it's lights, but it continues in level flight for ten seconds, then explodes. She's seeing things that are simply not there.

It's perfectly clear from the video that the entire time the plane was below the level of the peak. Pilot error, related to the lowered class-B.

Why on earth would the PTB assassinate someone with something as heavy handed as a SAM. It's just nonsense.
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