RISK- AVERSION & Consequences


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Well the comment that more people died by choosing to drive rather than fly after 9/11 is pretty suspect - eg see here

but generally people do do strange things based upon perceptions of threat - and the more people share the perception IMO the dumber the strange things they do gets!!

and I totally get the bit that politicians and people with public responsibilities are unwilling to allow risks because het risk to THEM is too great from a fickle public!!

Mick West

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I've been reading Schneier for years, he's good on "security theater".

And I have his book "Applied Cryptography".


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I've been reading Schneier for years and I have his book "Applied Cryptography".

I don't read nuffinck. The second-hand books on the plaza have titles like "Diana - her story" and "Top Gear Annual", and I don't actually know where to find an English Language bookshop anymore, now the one in Los Cristianos has either closed or moved.
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