Richard Feynman Explains the Scientific Method

Mick West

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Any good debunker should watch this, and understand everything he's saying, and have a goal of being explain it to believers in bunk.


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If I were to be asked, "Do you have any heroes ?", Feynman would rest at the top. Not because I consider him the most brilliant, but I find him the the most human, the most approachable. He's the commonsense theoretical physicist guy.
"Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman" ought to be required reading.
This PBS video covers his wackiness and seriousness very well.....

Carl Sagan, also approachable, but explains here that he is "an opponent to the idea of heroes, on the grounds that there is the sense that (while) the heroes are off doing impossibly great things that the rest of us can't do, and in a way justifies us not doing anything."