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Hello everyone!

I recently discovered this site, actually I'm pretty sure I've come across it before but I probably just dismissed it without looking further (as CT's tend to do with debunking sites I guess).

I started believing in CT's when I was 15 years old (turning 25 soon) I've always been into hip hop and there is a lot of references to stuff like the illuminati in old hip hop songs and I think that "helped" me to believe it, why would rappers like Tupac Shakur talk about "Killuminati" and why would Prodigy of Mobb Deep say things like "illuminati want my mind soul and my body - secret society trying to keep their eye one me" and stuff like that.

Sort of like I was thinking - why would anyone make conspiracy videos if there weren't any integrety to it, well I was young and didn't realize one could profit off of it.

So I basically jumped in with both legs in the conspiracy camp, never really questioned anything coming from "truthers". And now it really baffles me, be cause I thought I was such a critical thinker and so on and now I've come to realize I was just the opposit of that.

In my case I don't think it helped me that I've been an on and off drug addict most my life (hashish being my main problem) - well it surely "helped" me being paranoid - buying in to the conspiracies.

Later on when I think when I turned 20 years old I started to change my mind around the illuminati thing - but I would hold on to my beliefs that 9/11 definatley was an inside job.

And it it's something I deeply regret be cause I turned on society completly - I didn't see the reason why I should get an education, job etc. because what would it matter - the world was so corrupt anyway.

I've been battling my own problems with addiction and depression for many years - including the last couple of years - but I didn't think much about conspiracies (I still believed in them though, just not focusing on it).

Up until recently where I've been going back to school to get what I think is similiar to a college degree in the US, I learned a lot about politics, domestic - and international. I would still hold on to my believes inside of me when the teacher mentioned stuff like 9/11 - but I wouldn't express my thoughts (looking back I'm thankful I didn't)

Then one day I heard radio podcast featuring a debate between a Flat Earther and a astrophysicist, I couldn't stop thinking about how stupid the Flat Earther sounded and all of sudden I could regocnize some of his ignorance in myself, how he would just reject every argument that didn't match his believes! I started to reflect on that - ultimately leading me to start research 9/11 on "both sides" which I had never done before in my life! I quickly realized how ignorant I've been - now that I could see that every single bit of "evidence" could be debunked - most just with use of sheer logic!

This is indeed an interesting time for me - since this was just recently!

I wanted to make this thread as a tribute to Mick and all of you guys work that you do on here, it is NOT for nothing what you're doing!

And for that I want to personally thank you lot a million times! Keep doing what you're doing!!

Cheers!,. (sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language)
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