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Mick West Recent Activity: Removed "Likes", longer snippets Site Feedback & News 9
S Claim: "Most U.S. terror deaths have come from 'extreme right wing groups' in recent years" General Discussion 14
G Claim: China refused to hand "key data" to WHO delegation during the recent investigation in Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 29
Pete Tar Debunked: Most recent NASA study shows ice growth in Antartica Science and Pseudoscience 15
Mick West Some Recent Site Glitches Site Feedback & News 0
Boston That recent conversation about Zero Point energy Science and Pseudoscience 4
tryblinking Michael J. Murphy's most recent Contrails and Chemtrails 282
Mendel Capitol Police activity on Jan 6th Election 2020 2
Peter How 'alive' is the topic of chemtrails nowadays? Contrails and Chemtrails 32
Mick West MH17: Video of flight activity before and after the crash Flight MH17 32
Chute Flight Activity Over Moorpark, Ventura County Skydentify - What is that Thing in the Sky? 77
ralph Leo HAARP activity? Contrails and Chemtrails 8
Mick West Activity Stream fix Site Feedback & News 0
Steve Funk Earth Day Activity? (Chemtrail/HAARP/Geoengineering protest) Contrails and Chemtrails 23
TEEJ Richard Citizen Journalist proves that Biden Rose Garden address was a live event at the White House, 12th March 2021 Election 2020 15
D Possible UFO sighting on Live TV, São Paulo, Brazil UFOs and Aliens 10
Jesse3959 Being seen from space - methods to demonstrate that sats are real and provide live video? Flat Earth 6
R Claim: Apollo 15-17 Live TV Feed - Antenna signal would be interrupted from all the violent shaking when Astronauts touch the buggy General Discussion 26
Getoffthisplanet International Space Station (ISS) Live Stream from 2/21/2020 - Unidentified Object Skydentify - What is that Thing in the Sky? 6
Mick West Debunked: "Fake" live chat from the International Space Station (ISS) with Boise State Flat Earth 10
M Bornong "Something Strange" - Hurriyah car bombing video seems staged General Discussion 50
Balance Airspace change to go live (UK) General Discussion 1
Mick West Almaz-Antey's Live BUK explosion tests Flight MH17 141
Mick West Live update of alerts and inbox Site Feedback & News 4
Josh Heuer Debunked: UFO in NASA live feed [The Moon] UFOs and Aliens 14
Pete Tar "UFO" On Erie Live TV Broadcast Skydentify - What is that Thing in the Sky? 6
MikeC Live in a world free of Chemtrails - support Orgonite City Contrails and Chemtrails 2
Leifer Bunk you are willing to live with? General Discussion 105
Mick West Debunked: CNNs Fake News Broadcasts - Charles Jaco and the Fake Live Gulf War Reports Conspiracy Theories 222
Jay Reynolds Debunking in Live Debates Practical Debunking 4
CalPolyFan Debunked: Obama Certificate of Live Birth- So Fake It Hurts Conspiracy Theories 21
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