Popular Mechanics, Five Big Ideas

Steve Funk

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This, ironically, was posted on Russ Tanner's Chemtrails Global Skywatch Facebook Page. The first big idea, copying a volcano, would be chemtrails geoengineering with sulfur dioxide instead of metals. The article points out that this is not technically feasible at this time because we don't have any planes that can operate in the stratosphere, except small fighter planes, which could not deposit significant amounts of material. I pointed this out on the forum, and have since been banned from that page. I can't even open and view it.
I'm not sure if this is the current issue of Popular Mechanics or a little older. The volcano photo is dated 2009.

Jay Reynolds

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Besides the facts that the aircraft to accomplish stratospheric geoengineering, the chemtrail promoters will likely move the goalpost and just claim that such geoengineering is being done some other way.

However, this "Big Idea" could not accomplish it's intent in secret, if geoengineerig were taking place, it would leave unmistakeable evidence which is lacking.

The "Chemtrails are geoengineering" hypothesis says that geoengineering has been taking place in the form of aircraft placing aerosols of various substances in the atmosphere to ameliorate global warming by blocking sunlight.

If, in fact, such a geoengineering program were being implemented, such a program would result in an increase in aerosol density in the atmosphere.

The facts show that earth's Global Aerosol Optical Thickness(AOT) has been decreasing during the time frame that the chemtrails hoax has been around, and specifically a downward trend has resulted in an AOT which has reached a 30 year low.

In 1998, Edward Teller proposed Stratospheric Radiation Management (SRM)" in his article "A Sunscreen For Planet Earth:

He looked at the result of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1992 and saw that it cooled the planet by ejecting 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, and proposed that humans could do the same to cool the planet.

Chemtrail conspiracy theorists have been claiming that persistent contrails are evidence of SRM.

If SRM were taking place, it would be evident in atmospheric readings of the transmission of solar radiation through the atmosphere, some of it would be blocked and transmission would decrease as it had during past eruptions.
If SRM were taking place, transmission would decrease. It hasn't.

Read more:

What chemtrail believers need to know is that folks like Russ Tanner, Michael J. Murphy & Co, and all the other chemtrail promoters
do not want you to know about this!
They know.......

They know that eventually, as they encourage YOU to action, that the issue will come up.
They know, because I have sent this information to them many times over a period of over one year.

What reason on earth do they have for their failure to address these facts?
Why won't they tell YOU about them?

Think about that......
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