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I thought it might be useful to have a thread linking to various political responses to people querying piolitico's about chemtrails - sometimes it is just a letter like this one from the office of the co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party - I think it is quite good:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email to Russel. Given that there are always constraints on staff capacity to work on the many issues that may be deserving of attention, the Greens need to focus on issues for which there is robust scientific evidence and broad consensus among the science community. Chemtrails do not meet this criteria. I’m sorry that we disagree on this issue.

Kind regards,

Anne Heins | Executive Assistant | Office of Dr Russel Norman MP

Jay Reynolds

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From Elle Cochran, Maui, Hawaii County Council member:

Elle Cochran said:
Another precious resource is our air. I have received several e-mails, letters, phone calls and Facebook messages regarding "chem trails" or aerosol spraying in Maui County. I was made aware of some inaccurate information being spread publicly that I was in the process of introducing a bill to put a stop to aerosol spraying in Maui County skies. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that although this is inaccurate, it does not mean that I am not willing to listen and be educated as to the merits of the issue. My understanding thus far is that this is a health issue, which is in the purview of the state Department of Health, the agency responsible for enforcing health protection laws such as the Clean Air Act. At this time, no proposals that are within the jurisdiction of the county have been made to address this issue. However, if there is a solution that is within my purview to help, I will be more than happy to do my part. I would not have run for office if I did not care about the health and well-being of our land and our people. My door is always open, and I strive to keep an open mind when it comes to issues that matter to the residents of Maui County.

She is responding to false claims by Michael J. Murphy and others that she was in support of the "Maui Blue Skies/Clean Skies Ordinance"

Jay Reynolds

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Michael J. Murphy is once again insisting that Elle Cochran is supporting legislation on Maui. I wrote the following to the attorney said to have authored the law:
Henry Lewis, Esq.,
4640 Cass Street, #9346
San Diego, CA 92169-0346
(858) 433-0153

Mr. Lewis,

I understand from Michael Murphy's Facebook page that you have written an ordinance related to geoengineering for Maui County.

I am surprised, actually, that you were taken in by the chemtrails hoax, considering your education which should have provided you with the critical thinking skills to see through it.

Nevertheless, the salient point which dooms any such attempt is that it would be a violation of Title 42, Chapter 85, Part B, SS § 7573:

"No State or political subdivision thereof may adopt or attempt to enforce any standard respecting emissions of any air pollutant from any aircraft or engine thereof unless such standard is identical to a standard applicable to such aircraft under this part."

Most likely, whomever convinced you to create this legislation did not inform you that a similar action has failed to pass before the Suffolk County, NY legislature:

They also likely did not inform you that the basis for the entire chemtrails hoax is irreparably false. You can become informed of these facts by perusing this extensive website:

Specifically related to Maui County, you need to understand that despite the claims of Michael Murphy and others, there is no basis for the claims that geoengineering is taking place on Maui:

Indeed, careful examination of current atmospheric data shows that geoengineering in the form of a Stratospheric Aerosol Radiation Management program has not taken place:

Considering your responsibility to your clients as counsel, even though they may have not fully informed you of the facts surrounding their claims, you have now become informed of those facts and the defective nature of the legislation you have written. From what I have seen, you are dealing with some unsavory people who might eventually come back to haunt you. Caveat Emptor.

I hope that you will act to rectify this situation, and remain open to any further discussion with you about this matter.

Jay Reynolds

I note that Michael J. Murphy is crediting a woman named Mahealani Ventura-Oliver as an ally. This woman has many negative mentions in news articles and across the web:
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No, and though I was in Maui earlier this year I chose to spend my time otherwise.
I did a 20 mile mountain bike ride, spearfishing whale spotting tour, rain forest hiking and botanical garden tours.
Oh, and some wonderful eats and night life. I saw no contrails at all, and think that the chemtrail believers there are mostly seeing cirrus clouds and thinking they are something unusual. The situation seems to have come and gone in Maui along with Michael Murphy.

Jay Reynolds

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In Australia, a public health expert speaking n the subject of wind farm noise complaints took on the subject of how government might deal with irrational unscientific or baseless claims this way:

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