Police State Push - Whitehouse Defends Gun to Head of 11 Year Old

The below story is just another example of how the Police State implementation in America is commencing. It wasn't to many years ago that actions like this by the plice would have gotten a few people fired but not today. In this day of our loving government not only are these kind of actions defended by the government but its also making the case for why you and I as citizens are the real danger and must have our right to bear arms limited or removed altogether in the name of saving the lives of the same children that the police thugs point their own guns at. Bonus Police State points awarded to the Feds/White House for white-washing the thing before the case was heard in the upper court. I guess the Feds figured they could get the courts to agree that dragging an incorrect family (Husband, Wife and 2 young children) out of bed in the middle of the night was OK so long as they weren't cursing while doing it.

ATTN Debunkers: If we aren’t living in a country thats being pushed down the road to a police state then how come this kind of unacceptable action by law enforcement is not only expected/excused but defended by the government?
In this case with the raid, its not like as if the Feds tried to white wash it and deny everything because they knew the actions by the police were excessive. They defended the actions labeling then as normal.

Full story at http://reason.com/blog/2012/06/19/obama-administration-defended-use-of-vio#comment

Mick West

Staff member
That seems like a rather extreme conclusion to reach from one incident. It was a case of mistaken identity, and they were doing their job which was to detain everyone in the house. Of course what happened was terrible - I don't think anyone is saying it's "OK". They did not intend to do that to two young girls. They admit it was a mistake.

I do think someone should be liable for a wrong-door raid. There needs to be some kind of stronger incentive to ensure such things don't happen.
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