Plasma Laser Hologram as a possible UFO sighting Explanation


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I want to present a theory as a possible explanation for what the pilots claim to visually see in the tic tac incident.

Has anyone investigated plasma laser hologram tech as a possible explanation of the tic tac incident or any other “fast moving” ufo sightings? I envision a land, sea surface vessel, submersible vessel, or aircraft mounted version of the technology described in this link:

Another explanation for the slow moving sightings, like the large triangles for example, is helium blimps in the shape of triangles, discs, spheres, or whatever. For this explanation, I was inspired by other interviews and podcasts describing inflatable tanks used to deceive our adversaries in WW2. Of course the plasma laser tech could possibly project these slow moving images as well, but maybe whoever is behind these incidents is using a combination of both techniques?

I’m not sure what the motivations by our government, perhaps other governments, or private entities would be to perpetuate these hoaxes, but these explanations could be responsible for some of the sightings.

I would love to hear someone smarter than me investigate these theories as possible explanations or debunk them all together.

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Plasma holograms can only create light, heat, and sound. They can create something that can fool a missile (until the missiles get upgraded), but they can't create something that looks like a solid craft, or something that would show up on radar, or something that would look realistic in IR. It's essentially a fancy decoy flare.


There's some discussion on the state of the art technology (from a few years ago, but little has changed) here:
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