Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Mick West

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Report say the shooter shouted "all Jews must die." I think it's very likely he's going to turn out to have been a believer in anti-Jewish conspiracies. There's a strong core of antisemitism running through nearly all conspiracies - from 9/11 to the Flat Earth.

Mick West

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Robert Bowers was named on the police scanner

Metabunk 2018-10-27 09-00-23.jpg

Appears to be a QAnon believer, but also no fan of Trump.
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Mick West

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Should be treated as a terrorist attack because it's religiously motivated.

Politically motivated attacks are also terrorism. Religion is just a different form of motivation.

And this does not seem to be religiously motivated at all. It's motivated by White Power and antisemitism - hatred of Jews, and the belief that they are behind a NWO conspiracy.
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