Photos of Clouds and Skies (That you took yourself)


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Best lightning photo that I ever took. I use the point and pray method of tripod, remote trigger at about 3.2 second exposure. This is Benson AZ looking east with the sun going down behind me and in front of me was a Darth Vader hail storm about 30 miles away that was coming right at me.

This is a 10 layer photo. All the strikes that look like they are not touching the ground are about 30 miles away and where I10 is getting slammed you can see the line of car lights left of center above ground level.

The brightest one was the last one and almost 'threw' my tripod with camera attached into the car next to me before the the rain came down about 3 seconds later.

I used an app called 'storm alert' that instead of radar images, it has triangles that get bigger the faster the storm moves and if you click on the apex, it'll tell you cloud top height, vertical liquid kg/m² - everything. Too bad not available on Samsung, just LG Aristo.
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I was interested in the cloud formations over Litchfield Beach, SC, but that blasted IAP is sort of distracting...


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Same cloud formation very soon after. Sun is starting to go down in the sky opposite so it's reflecting the orange colours in the sky


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nice sun halo while out fishing and later a cloud contrail hole punch ooh and lens orb a hat trick day but no fish :( thumbnail_IMG_20201213_092704_2 (1).jpgthumbnail_IMG_20201213_113225_1.jpgthumbnail_IMG_20201213_113732.jpg

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Guy Newlan

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A 441 second exposure of the SpaceX Crew Dragon2 launch April 23, 2021 I took from my neighborhood in Orlando, FL. I have been viewing launches since moving to Orlando in the early 1980's, this was quite a sight. With the long exposure the details of the plume that were visible as it progressed in real time become a blur._DSC0742r.jpg
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NorCal Dave

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Flammagenitus Clouds. It's actually very spectacular and mesmerizing, if it weren't so nerve racking. Approximately 20 miles (32 km) away. The Dixie Fire in Northern California.IMG_1969.jpeg


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On a Gulfstream V at 47k feet,looking down at commercial passanger liners that are making contrails.20211020_094948.jpg
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Here's a photo a took whilst walking my dog on Thursday 28th October near my home in Norfolk, UK. There was a long strip of cloud going from horizon to horizon - it looked a bit big to be a contreail. I looked on the website and the strip of cloud was easily visible in the infra red satellite image of the UK as a wispy line going from South of London into the North Sea, which is roughly 160 miles long. Pretty cool.

Looking South

Panorama view (left is North, right is South)


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Ugh, the message editor no longer works properly in my browser, I have to jump through hoops to get anything to work now. So if this is a mess, blame the modern internet's dependence on javascript, and lack of backward compatibility testing.

Taken on my 2009 potato, I saw these contrails as I headed to the tramstop (hence the ugly cables) from the shopping centre (hence the ugly buildings) right next to our international airport (hence the contrails).

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Very pretty cloud-bow at dawn.


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Stewart Kay

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Partial sun halo 5th June'21
Note the Cirrus too. this went on for a while. Took at home on phone p30 pro


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Mythic Suns

A photo of Mount Vesuvius with some clouds moving past and a photo of some clouds that I shot from the window of the plane I was on as I was heading back to the UK. Both photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark III (not to be confused with the EM-1 Mark III). Both photos were shot in 2019.


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Mythic Suns

Shot with a Sony A6000 with the stock lens last year just outside a field in Mid-Devon I don't really know the name of. At best I can say it's somewhere South or South West of Crediton. 5C0826F6-A4DF-4591-AF09-98B5974EB7E2.jpeg