Photo Forensics on Earthrise - Interesting Discovery


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Hey Mick or anyone familiar with photo forensics like fotoforensics or the forensically the tool I used.
I have heard David Weiss over and over say he had proven NASA photos were fake with photo forensics and I was just fed up, so I started watching some tutorials of how to investigate myself some high res images from the NASA website using forensically (which seems nicer than fotoforensics).
On the earthrise, something very interesting came up on Error Level Analysis and my thought it might be the van allen belts really proving this is real,
but I cannot figure out why it stretches out.
This is a lot of coherent structure to be an accident , but perhaps I am wrong, as I am not a photo forensics expert.
1) Anyone comments on this?
2) Has anyone seen some good photo forensics done on whole earth images from space?
I was thinking of hiring someone but it is expensive but such a dagger in the flat earth argument.



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