Peter Kusznir and Bill Gates


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Peter Kusznir graphically illustrates the problem with confirmation bias in his latest diatribe.

Gates is saying that CO2 produced from global production of energy needs to be reduced to zero. Kusznir doesn't read the very clear graphic and interprets that Gates wants to reduce total global CO2 to zero. A crime for which hanging seems to be the only possible answer.

Further into the video Gates mention that global population will top out around 9 billion and that with appropriate measures that increase can be reduced by 15%. Kusznir interprets this as a eugenics plot to reduce the total human population to 15% of the present total.

Once again hanging is the prescribed antidote.

I only bring this up because I finally realise the source of all the references to this I have seen regarding Gates and eugenics.

It is not wilful. They are just seeing what they want to see.



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I don't usually say things like this, but maybe the cause is only secondary to him, with hanging being the priority.
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