Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense

Mick West

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A good overview of some of the bunk out there:


Unfortunately I can't really condone it, as it use extremely pejorative terms to describe the various groups. While you might be technically right to describe Christians as delusional, it's hardly going to help the discussion, is it?

This poking fun at people (and just plain insulting them) is entertaining for the skeptics, but it's not actually helping the cause of promoting science and reason.


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Doesn't particularly help with the image of skeptics (putting it mildly), but is a good jumping-off point / exhaustive list of questionable belief systems.


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I don't agree with everything on that list (as in believe, certain things on that list are not necessarily irrational nonsense), but many of the items on that list are probably questionable beliefs.


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I seem to have lost my photo of a kid's educational play table (furniture) that I custom designed and built, 15 years ago.
It was kid's height (low).
I laminated a 3' x 4' poster of the "elemental table"....onto the table top. it was a periodic table - table.
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