People Blaming Bad Weather on Side Effects of Technology Through History


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I found this in The Times archive from 1954. Presumably the fact that Dr Sutton needed to rule out condensation trails as a cause for bad weather means that people were theorising about them even then.


For context, 1954 was a terrible summer in the UK, so people may have been looking for causes to blame:
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Very interesting that besides contrails being blamed for bad weather, people were also blaming radio broadcasting, and even railways.

This all comes from the natural variability of the weather, people not realizing how much the weather naturally varies (because of the long time scales involved), and the human desire to look for patterns in random data.

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By "things" here I was thinking more along the lines of technology things (I named this thread when I moved the OP). People have always been blaming it on God.

I've edited the title to make this clear, replacing "things" with "side effects of technology"

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This is largely just another "angry god" story, but it's too bizarre to pass over, and is kind-of a new technology story. Yo-yos were banned in Syria in 1933 for causing drought. The modern yo-yo had just been re-invented a few years earlier in 1928.,158839

The story has been repeated (here by climate change commentator Marc Morano) without the context of the yo-yos bringing "Allah's displeasure", which makes it look like people though that the yo-yos themselves somehow caused drought, which makes less sense than most things.
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