People being scared by clowns

Jay Reynolds

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This seems to be a trending pattern, people claim to see or being chased by someone in a clown outfit.
Some are likely real, perhaps some are imaginary, some might seem like an innocent prank. This is likely to end up badly at some point, with either a prankster or prank victim being hurt. Many places have laws dating to anti-Klan days against wearing masks, and Sheriffs have warned that they will make arrests.


Here is a google news search for 'clowns' which shows this becoming a frequent national occurrence.


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This is likely to end up badly at some point, with either a prankster or prank victim being hurt.

I just saw an article that said a clown with an axe had been spotted here in the Metro Detroit area. If they go into the city I imagine it'll only be a matter of time before one gets shot.


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A stabbing death has been reported, attributed to this clown thing in some way:



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Some of people find clowns scarey, it may be dates back to the days when traveling theatre troupes and circus' where the main means of 'exotic' entertainment for many communities, and given a small communities inherent distrust of traveling strangers, gypsies, vagabonds, musicians and other 'odd' people who would seam dangerous and exotic to a village where everyone knew each other its hardly suprising a fear of these strangers developed. Add in the fact that clowns traditionally hide their faces behind masks and make up you have a firm basis for Coulrophobia.

As a kid I was told by my gran to beware of circus folk as they were not like 'normal' people, and it seams that this has influenced modern culture (the whole clown / circus thing, not my old grans warnings). A quick google of 'clown urban legend' throws up all kinds of tales of killer clowns, pedophiles in clown suits and other such stories, although it is very hard to pin down any real basis for these legends. Chuck in fact that since Stephen King published 'It' in 1986 (if not earlier), evil clowns have become a popular horror trope, with IMDB showing a non-exhaustive list of nearly 200 titles that feature evil or killer clowns.

In the run up to Halloween it's not suprising that these legends are surfacing again, and all kinds of pranksters are jumping on the bandwagon for a bit of a seasonal scare, and in the days where an internet vid on FB or YT can go viral in minutes, the hoaxers job is all the easier. Fake a vid, cook up a tale to go with it, spam it about a bit and let mass hysteria do the rest.

Rolling Stone have just published an interesting article about this latest out break of 'evil clowning around'


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Yeah, when you consider, too, the fanfare that Netflix's Stranger Things has been getting and the backstory behind it (the TL;DR version: the creators of ST are gigantic King fans and wanted to direct the new It but didn't get it and ended up making the miniseries instead, which is one of the reasons why ST is such an homage to King's work--also one of the child actors in ST is in It) it starts to make a lot more sense. One teenage/early 20s kid does it just fooling around, one news source reports it, another does it, three news sources report it because there's a ///pattern!!!/// now, then more and more kids do it and it feeds itself until people lose interest.

Mick West

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It's a "clown panic". Probably a few weirdos, some more pranksters, even more copycats, and a lot of overactive imagination.


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I agree. it often becomes a prank to garner YT hits.

I have to admit something.......I have a clown-head on the rear of my a rear ornament It's been there for about 5 years.


Yes, this is really on the rear of my work vehicle, looking back to the rear (facing the driver behind me).
As far as I can tell....people either love it, or hate it.
Many vehicles obviously want to get around me, but I notice a lot of people laughing and snapping bad photos.
Kids really enjoy it even though it is smoking a cigarette. I can see them laughing and pointing in my rear-view mirror.

The story...
I bought 5 cast metal mechanical coin banks at a garage sale, 4 of them were gifts now gone. The creepy one left was this clown/jester. I set it on top of my rear car as a "haha", displayed in front of my worker friends.
They said "Leave it there !!" (as a joke)....but I surprised them all when I glued it to the top/back of my car.....just for a few days.
Well, days meant weeks, and weeks have become years.
The Fez was put on by a friend, and the cig by another. Remove the cig, and it collects money.

Funny thing is....I hate clowns or jesters, and they creep me out.
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Funny thing is....I hate clowns or jesters, and they creep me out.

Never thought about jesters, but I've always been creeped out by clowns. Nice to see I"m not the only one.

I collect Murano glass birds and fish. One time an antique dealer friend proudly presented me with a Murano clown he'd come across. These things are expensive, I had to pretend I was really happy before I put it into my desk drawer. Here he is where he now resides, in the bottom of a box in the garage. Is that creepy or what?



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Never thought about jesters, but I've always been creeped out by clowns. Nice to see I"m not the only one.

I collect Murano glass birds and fish. One time an antique dealer friend proudly presented me with a Murano clown he'd come across. These things are expensive, I had to pretend I was really happy before I put it into my desk drawer. Here he is where he now resides, in the bottom of a box in the garage. Is that creepy or what?

...and you just know, that some people are looking at that and thinking it's absolutey "dear" and "charming." :eek:


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I imagine that things could get pretty sketchy during Halloween when these real clown predators (ones that may be after children) are out with all the other people dressed up for Halloween. They could blend in easily with the crowd in other words and not raise any alarms.

Z.W. Wolf

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Creepy clown mayhem at Penn State described in campus newspaper.

White House press briefing

The problem has become so widespread that even the White House weighed in today after a reporter noted during the White House press briefing that "creepy clown" sightings had led to more than a dozen arrests, and that local law enforcement agencies are asking for assistance from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security on how to handle the "phenomenon."

This is believed to be the first time the topic of "creepy clowns" has been brought up during a press briefing at the White House. Earnest said he was unsure if the president had been briefed on the clown situation.

You've got to be reminded of UFO "flaps." The last good UFO flap was in 1973. Even Walter Cronkite took notice:

There was another really good one in 1966:



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It's on. A clown cut a kid.

Sounds to me like he was just trying to scare the kid, and the kid jerked away and got cut.

Hope I did all that right. I'm on my phone.


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this story was reported on the BBC radio news this morning - relating to "clown" incidents in Newcastle Tyne and Wear (UK)

apologies - Cloudspotter has already posted

Jay Reynolds

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More arrests in Detroit, and a motel robber was using a clown mask, one school declared "Clown Free Zone".



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the "killer clown" stalking passers by thing has been fuel for YT "prank" videos for over 2 years now.
sounds like copy catting prankster idiots are just trying to garner "mad hits" on YT - and now it's just gotten out of hand in the media. No, I don't think there are marauding clowns out there bent on actual nefarious deeds.
there are however, harmless morons in clown suits wielding cameras scaring people while trying to be the next YT sensation. I've also noticed that many of the older YT videos are perpetrated in locales where CCW are frowned upon or not allowed, thereby perhaps reducing the risk to the prankster somewhat. I'm not sure this new crop of fools has thought this through as thoroughly... eventually someone (probably a teen or 20something in a clown suit) is going to get severely hurt or killed.

It may well have gotten enough momentum that it will be the Next "zombies" craze.

(Please Note I've used some light name calling: anyone who dresses up in a scary costume and runs around in public with a simulated weapon with the intent to make people think that they are in genuine danger is indeed a Idiot, Fool, or Moron. it's a good way to get shot, stabbed, beaten, or arrested if you pull that stunt on the wrong person, and why in (insert deity's) name would you want to scare some poor stranger out of their mind? it's not funny, its in poor taste, dangerous, and just plain mean spirited. I'm all for a clever prank or some cheeky shenanigans... but come on guys. axe wielding clowns need not apply)

Nada Truther

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I was in a Halloween store yesterday, and, not surprisingly, there was an entire wall of "Scary Clown" costumes. I don't think it is going to be going away any time soon. They're not cheap either. Apparently you have to be pretty well off to scare the crap out of little kids with a machete and a clown mask.
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