Paul Walker's unfortunate death - conspiracy theories

Josh Heuer

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I'm not 100% on where this thread would go.

I was shocked when I popped open the news and saw Paul Walker, only 40, had suffered an untimely death, due to a car accident. It's always shocking to see these types of things happen throughout life.

However, as recent as this event is, I already bumped into a couple people who mentioned that on Friday, one day before his death, it was reported that he had died in a car accident. Celebrity death hoaxes are not an uncommon thing on the internet as we all know. Obviously the strange part was that it supposedly was 'reported' (for lack of a better term) a day before it actually happened, and then it really happened.

Snopes clears up the mess.

The whole thing about it being reported a day before as a hoax was itself a hoax, and was created after Paul Walker actually died. Pretty sad that people do this kind of stuff.
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Mick West

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Just goes to show that conspiracy theories are inevitable if the news is big enough:

Obvious nonsense, but the Michael Hastings conspiracy theories have opened the door for similar theories for any celebrity that dies in a crash crash (or pretty much any way).

It's a problem with the "there are no coincidences" school of thought. Because there actually are coincidences.