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    neat trick but its not even remotely perpetual.. -perpetual

    also there is clear human input of energy.... -energy

    = motion machine. great.
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    My father was a great believer in both cold fusion and 'perpetual' motion machines. So they put him in the asylum. Ah bless... Manys the hour I sat upon the storage freezer as a young child and listened as he attempted to convey his view that Newton's third law of motion and momentum was flawed. He accepted the law of conservation of energy, his "machine" involved an initial input of energy, but I never established how one form of energy was converted into another, spent years trying to rationalise this concept, to phathom his inner, guarded truths, if they existed. Questioned him about friction, magnetics, vacuums, could never figure it out. Led to me think of super-heat resistant super-conductive metals tapping heat from volcanic core plasma and all sorts of madness. Having had such an institutionally schizophrenic upbringing I am not as sceptical as perhaps I should be when it comes to such ideas. The universe itself is the ultimate machine of perpetual motion, is it not?
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    Not even the models of cyclical universe proponents (e.g. Steinhardt & Turok) would make that comparison. You'd be stuck trying to devise a cosmological model suitable for the museum of unworkable devices, as it'd have to not only violate basic tenets of physics but also fail to explain existing observations.
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    Oh, I don't know, I suspect if one looks deeply enough into the universe at a cosmological or quantum level one might observe many confounded things that violate conventional tenets of physics. Nice link, I like "Reverse Osmosis" as a concept and idiom, sounds nice, and having only studied physics to the age of 16 I'm perfectly gullible. I made the comparison on figurative, rather than scientific grounds, the known universe moves, perpetually, that was all! :)
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    But entropy always increases. As far as we can tell.
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    No worries -- in the absence of an emote I tend to take sentences literally. ;)

    I was just emphasizing that - from a scientific perspective - the comparison is simply unjustified.

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