Paul Joseph Watson (writing for Alex Jones, “Infowars”) and Fukushima

Janet D

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Not sure where to place this topic. But this article came online today, via Infowars written by Paul Joseph Watson.

First things first. The Fukushima disaster(s) are horrible, from the earthquake, to the tsunami, to the damage to the nuclear power plants, to all those poor displaced people who lost almost everything…all of it, horrible. Horrible for the people of Japan, that is, and I can’t help but notice the poor people of Japan aren’t really even mentioned in this amazing “news story” posted on Infowars today.

Paul Joseph Watson
July 1, 2011

Two quotes from the “story” ~ notice anything?
“Just 48 hours after the onset of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the British government devised a propaganda campaign to downplay the severity of the crisis, a talking point that was hastily parroted by leading global warming alarmist George Monbiot.”

”Monbiot’s rhetoric, in addition to the British government’s efforts to downplay the crisis, serve as a stark reminder that many leading environmentalists don’t give a damn about real threats to the environment, preferring instead to spend all their time obsessing about carbon dioxide emissions and thinking up new ways to exploit global warming fearmongering as a means of controlling every aspect of our lives. This is an agenda enthusiastically pushed by the British government, which routinely works in consort with big think tanks to promote PR campaigns aimed at rescuing the anthropogenic climate change myth, about which Brits are becoming increasingly skeptical.”
“Climate change myth?” Oh really. If PJW can’t spin “climate change myth” into a news story it doesn’t run on Infowars, or so it seems. And when alt. news sites spew unscientific crap about how “climate change is a myth”, I do tend to get suspicious.

And their primary source? None other than the wacky Chris Busby, whose work can be found on other alt. “news sites” such as Rense ~

World's Top Radiation Expert,
Dr. Chris Busby, Disagrees
Fukushima Risks
Interview With Dr. Chris Busby ~ ~

Having your opinions posted on Rense should be the kiss of death for any real journalist or scientist, but Infowars and Rense and so many others are really important to the CT’s I still know. WHY?! I have no idea.

Before anyone thinks I’m a nuclear power proponent, let me remind you that one of the Governor’s of Washington State (since I’ve been living here) was Dixy Lee Ray. I was 19YO, she was a Democrat, but I couldn’t vote for her because she was a Marine Biologist who had somehow become the darling of nuclear energy ~ ~ I’m not in any way pro-nuclear, but I also recognize there are a lot of humans on this planet and we are running out of time. We are past the earth's tipping point. We have very little time left to make decisions about some very real problems.

But anyway, I drink nonfat milk. No reason, except I’ve found it to be an excellent source of cheap protein, and that’s that. Of course I checked the radiation level sites online, but unlike some people I went to the source of actual information, government web sites. I looked at the numbers, there was a little bit of radiation spike shortly after Fukushima in Washington State, nothing even close to numbers that would cause me to stop drinking milk ~

Washington Milk is Safe to Drink
April 6, 2011 - 10:50am ~

But if you think “the government is out to get you” for some bizarre and unknown reason, you probably avoided walking in the rain for months, or just sat and worried about nothing for a while, and never touched a “government web site” for information that might be useful and help you make good choices.

There were a lot of articles like this one after the tragedy in Japan ~

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Radiation Expert: "Sr-90 and Uranium and Particulates Will Be Building Up in the USA and Europe ... For Now I Think It Prudent To Stop Drinking Milk" ~

As for me, I found this site useful ~ Japanese Nuclear Emergency: EPA's Radiation Monitoring ~ May 3rd statement ~ (plus)
EPA's RadNet Monitoring Data ~

I strongly suggest anyone who visits any web site to start checking the sources of information. Maybe you’re comfortable with the fact that Christopher Busby is a bit “eccentric”, to put it politely ~ ~ Or maybe you’re like me and can do without any advice or suggestions from a man of very questionable repute. If nothing else, Busby goes against most other scientist's when he claims that very low levels of radiation are actually harmful. Is he right? I doubt it, and I have to take into account who some of his friends are.

Infowars and Prison Planet were actually selling potassium iodide after this tragedy happened in Japan. I don’t remember reading any warnings on all those alt. news sites about how people over 40 should be extremely careful before ever taking the stuff, or that it only protects the thyroid (which is still growing in children, which is why they are at more risk), or the fact that the radiation levels never reached anything approaching any problem for the US.

“Could “it” happen?” Well of course “it” could happen. That’s why people need to be capable of making good decisions about where they’re getting information from.

Janet D