Pathe Newsreel footage of contrails


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Seems they have an answer to these films over on WITWATS facebook page ("rolling eyes whilst typing" icon required)


What in the World Are They Spraying? We have seen some original films with trails. It seems that they sere in the initial stages of the programs as many geoengineering patents were developed in the 70s. We have also seen some films that have been remastered with trails in the back. Very interesting.37 minutes ago · 1"

Unfortunately I am barred from the page or I would have asked for evidence of inserting trails during remastering.
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I don't see that post, seems like it was maybe removed. I suppose they don't want to confuse people.

Interesting how they incorporate contradictory evidence into their world views. When I showed someone the photos of cirrus clouds from pre-1905, their response was

who said planes were necessary.i like how tesla was born like 50 years before this book was made.​


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Sorry, it's now the second post, here is the first one now.

"[h=6]Marcus Murphy
[/h][h=6]The world is slowly waking up to this treason against mankind. I am speaking of course about the promotion of the 'chemtrail' hoax by Michael J Murphy and his peers for financial gain, even though they have acknowledged receipt of scientific evidence disproving the emotionally charged claims throughout their 'documentary'.

Discussing this hoax with other conspiracy theorists, ignoring known and w...ell understood meteorology and aviation science is fine. However, you have tried to bring it into the public domain with the accusations abundant in this film. Consequently, expect to be confronted by the worlds scientific community, asked to provide quantifiable, experimentally-repeatable, peer-reviewed evidence, and presented with the known science explaining everything you have misunderstood about the details of jet propulsion in the atmosphere.

The crime is your continued economically-motivated dishonesty.See more
[/h]about an hour ago ·

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I don't expect that will last very long. It seems like MJM is not particularly interested in discussing the science.
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