Paranoia Shortfall?


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Is life too easy for you? Debunked everything to your satisfaction? Lying back and taking it easy?

Good grief. Then you haven't heard any of this. There's a solid section of truth running through it of course, but YUK.



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Reminds me of an internal version of using maggots to clean wounds (they eat necrotic flesh) or leeches to help with severed limbs and fingers being reattached.


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No numbers, statistics, just everything thrown together - everyday germs with real 'macro' parasites. Pure fear porn.

If you don't find any of your itches in the long list of conditions reeled off in that concoction, you're probably dead already.

On the other hand, there is ongoing research regarding the theory that the drop in parasite infestation in developed areas has given rise to a row of autoimmune diseases like allergies ...


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"There's all this terrifying stuff inside your body, but lucky for you we're selling these dubious, exorbitantly priced, unregulated supplements which we believe might help."

Typical scare pitch. When you investigate the names and websites involved, all you find is a parade of alt-med nonsense wrapped in MLM schemes. I wish it were easier for authorities to crack down on this type of fraud.