Our very first Swedish (American) chemtrails whistleblower


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Well what do you know! Sweden just got its first proper chemtrails whistleblower, in the form of an American former pilot with an, apparently, hard-to-spell name. All according to Sweden's most irritating "alternative news source".


Auto-translated: http://bit.ly/1j2SQox

For extra reliability, he's a trained weather observer and mountain guide.

What do you think - is he deluded, gullible, imaginative or completely made up?

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There's just a bunch of unsupported claims. At this point, it's just another supposed whistle blower that has not presented any evidence.


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Yes, the allegations are standard fare. One thing I'm wondering is if there's anything in this which tells anything special to the pilots here. That is, if there's anything mentioned in the text that points to there being any real pilot making claims, or if something smells immediately of total fiction.


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The spelling can be chalked down to the writer's general incompetence, I suppose. ;-)

Mick West

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Why does he not release this "literature and documents" if it will prove his case? It pretty much a hoax unless he does.

Also NASA never said the atmosphere has changed (as a reason for there being more contrails).

Seems like the standard chemtrail argument, from false (and anonymous) authority.


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Sounds familiar.


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First of all, NewsVoice.se is an opinion site. Essentially a blog where people can post just about anything. There is no fact checking, but as most of you might realize it is filled with conspiranoia, pseudo science and hysteria. It's on par with Infowars and Prisonplanet.

But since I know Swedish I can break down some of the "important" bits that just show how crap this article is. Like Mick already mentioned, if this pilot really had something (or if he really exist), he's doing a lousy job with the "confirming" of "chemtrails". Nothing in the article reveals anything we didn't hear about three years ago. The article is filled with typing errors so I suspect that whoever wrote this is not a professional journalist of any kind.

The funny thing here is that this part seem to be used out of context. Nowhere earlier does the article talk about who "they" are. It might be a case of bad presentation of the actual interview, but it make things look confusing and unprofessional to begin with. It might refer to NOAA and NASA in the next segment.

It is sad that Connall (or Connell) doesn't mention what kind of atmospheric change NOAA and NASA talked about. Because I've never seen that claim made by either. Please fill me in if there is some information I've missed. We also see the very recent claim passed around in the community about high bypass engines not being able to produce contrails, which is a well debunked claim by now.

It's interesting to read how Connall describes his first encounters with the "chemtrail" community:

In other words, this was not a conclusion he reached on his own, but people told him about an already established belief.

I think this leans towards the Evergreen corporation, which is a classic target within the community. And we know how these people interpret the patents, any patent containing the word "aerosol", "weather modification" or "aerial spraying apparatus" counts as definite proof for "chemtrails".

Aluminium, barium and strontium seem to be the most popular substances mentioned in the community. Most times it's mentioned in that specific order, which makes it sound like a mantra ;) But since we've seen so many badly interpreted soil and water tests throughout the years, I suspect that it is these fully normal test results that are being referred to.

Science have always known that contrails can persist and spread out. I dunno why Connall looks at the government rather than the scientific community. But I believe the one saying this make no distinction between "government" and "science" since government controls the science. In other words, the one claiming this is not a scientific person.

Well, here we have it. The fundamental corner stone of the conspiranoid mindset. You can't trust authority. Especially the government. And not even science.

The common error that weather manipulation is the same thing as climate manipulation (geoengineering). This is typical misunderstanding done by people who don't know, or want to know the difference.

It's funny this comes from a guy who has grown up in Carlifornia where they have about 250 days of sun each year, compared to Sweden who have about 60 days of sun each year. If this interview was made recently that must indicate that Connall is referring to the last tree or four months. We've had an unusual warm and wet winter, so a lot of humidity have been clouding our skies for the last months. But the statement that we've had no sun at all is just plain wrong. There have been plenty of sun in between. But I think Connall suffers confirmation bias like most other believers.

Another funny thing is that only believers suffer these symptoms when they see trails in the skies. I don't suffer ANY health problems during "heavy spraying", and neither do other people around me during this time. I think Connall and his other believers are experiencing psychosomatic symptoms similar to how someone allergic to flowers can show allergic symptoms when seeing plastic flowers. Ignoring all those that do not suffer these symptoms is nothing but confirmation bias.

Funny, I've lived here all my life. No problems whatsoever. As for my family and almost all people I know. Maybe Connall encountered some virus strand that didn't exist back in California and simply got infected by it because his immune system didn't know how to counter the attack.

He's talking about the standard Chemistry 131 course literature which was named "chemtrails". I don't think those who picked that name knew that some paranoids would later used the same name to describe what they thought is a global conspiracy against humanity, and make a connection between the course literature and the conspiracy - only because of the name on the cover.

A lot of old cloud studies show images of undulatus clouds (what believers think are "HAARP clouds"), which shows that these clouds are nothing new, nor artificial.

So for these millions of people who are involved, keeping your job is more important than the health of all nature and mankind. Because what Connall is saying here is that these people doing this are well aware of what they are doing, unlike others who claim that the people involved are unaware, which is why things can be kept secret.

Connall didn't show us anything we didn't knew about three years ago, things that has been utterly debunked for so long now. But for being a professional aviator for thirty years I wonder if Connall can be that ignorant. On the other hand I know how some people, despite intellect and education, can deteriorate into paranoid delusions due to various health problems. Either Connall is a con, or he was made up to attract potential new whistle blowers. Like it says at the end of the article:

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I would think if it was so thick and consistent you could taste it on your tongue, it should be testable. no?


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Meh....sounds like he's another one with (what I will now call) "John Lear Syndrome". Anyone in any profession can 'lose it' (their marbles) in their later years.

I'm reminded also of former FBI agent Ted Gunderson.


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Excellent deconstruction, mrfintoil.

Yes, most of the article is just a repetition of the "standards". I think that the only reason for the article being written is to put the words into the mouth of a PILOT, to give the status of whistleblowery. Or at least an air of whistleblowery since the "pilot" doesn't even claim to be an insider in the spraying business, he's just supposed to "understand" that something evil must be afoot. While I'm not familiar with any pilot lingo to suppose that "Connall" isn't a bona fide pilot who has lost his marbles, I'm leaning towards him being a complete fabrication. They've found a few phrases that sound convincing enough to the believer crowd, and then the words of this anonymous pilot will of course trump all words (or silences) from all other pilots, meteorologists, physicists etc. Nothing new under the sun. It's like a half-hearted attempt to plug the "why are there no whistleblower pilot" hole without really offering a whistleblowing pilot (although I think someone has spent quite a few hours concocting this article).


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...I'm leaning towards him being a complete fabrication.

It might be similar to the attempt a few years ago to use a letter from an alleged "airline mechanic" that made the rounds in the "chem"trail circles. Proven to be completely made up.

ETA: I believe Cliff Carnicorn was the instigator in that situation.


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Well, at least it's a change from the old "first, a little bit about myself" routine.
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