Osama: When and how?


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Hi from Croatia, my first post here :)

Since this is quite a big forum, i suppose youve talked about this already. I'll ask it anyway, and if you can direct me to the previous posts i would be thankfull...

I would like to know: How long after the attacks US media started to talk about Osama bin Laden as one of the suspects (or the only one) for the attacks? Another question may be: how did the media got that name, from which sources? Can that informations can be found?

Im a journalist myself, and i think that origin and flow of informations are very important issues when talking about media coverage of some event, especially as important and big one as 9/11 attacks.

Thanks for the answers!

Pete Tar

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Just combing through wiki...
The story seems to have changed to him just being a figure of ideological support to one of direct involvement in the planning, if the transcripts are to be believed.
But he was suspected of planning something for a while so he was an obvious suspect.
edit... just realised your question was more specifically about when he was mentioned in the media firstly as a suspect... well pretty immediately I imagine...