Oregon's milky rain - evidence of weather warfare?


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There are lots of "MSM" reports of the unusual appearance of the rain falling in Oregon lately, with theories from Russian volcanoes to Nevada dust storms and migrating bird poop:

Of course, hundreds of people from Oregon and Washington registered their own theories on the Weather Service's Facebook page.

The homegrown theories ran the gamut, from government conspiracies to signs of the apocalypse to comic relief. "I heard it was from migratory birds," said Tammy Frandsen Banning‪.

"Don't worry it's just pollution from factories in Asia. Where did a lot of jobs go?" Ed Machado‪ said.

The weather service's Spokane office said it is in the process of testing the rain water and running computer tests on the atmospheric flow of pollutants using a program called Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory.

"We will update you via all our normal means when we have more information," the weather outpost said on its Facebook page.
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as can be expected the appearance of something unusual has believers convinced -

Strange Rain: Mysterious Gray "Milky" Substance Reported In Washington & Oregon - Is The US Undergoing
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- just asking questions!


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just found this article

“We’re fairly certain it came from Nevada, but to confirm that we’d need to know exactly what the substance is,” said Mary Wister of the National Weather Service (NWS). “Nevada had incredibly strong winds Thursday night and Friday morning, and the dirt there is a very alkaline dust.” Wister noted that low-elevation wind gusts that have been blowing north likely carried the dust to rain clouds that could have then deposited the milky rain across the region in question
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the article also puts forward a second theory linking the rain deposits to volcanic dust
The other theory by the weather scientists postulates that higher-altitude winds may have carried ash from Japan’s erupting Sakurajima volcano across the Pacific Ocean and deposited it in the Pacific Northwest via rain. But Wister said this theory is less likely than the Nevada scenario, and added that without chemical analysis of the rain’s residue it would be impossible to determine the exact origins of the rain.
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seams very plausible on both counts to me. In the uk we do from time to time get falls of red dust from the Sahara that results in a rusty red dusting on cars and other surfaces.

and volcanic ash from Icelands Eyjafjallajökull eruption also fell on the uk

and both of these are natural phenomena and nothing to do with so called 'weather warfare'

M Bornong

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A link from the National Weather Service in Spokane Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NWSSpokane/posts/787072324673194


I wanted to check out the origin of these winds, so I looked at the 18 hr WRF model surface wind gust forecast for 10 PM Thursday night. If you look closely you will see strong winds (gusts to 55 knots) in the right place--winds associated with strong downslope flow off the Siskiyou/Klamath mountains.
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My final evaluation is to determine the air trajectories that ended up, at say Walla Walla, in the dust zone. To do so, I ran the NOAA Hysplit trajectory model using the 12-km NWS NAM model for the 3D wind fields. Lo and behold the air came from EXACTLY the right region...around Summer Lake.
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Why is Summer Lake a source of dust this winter and not most winters? Could it be that this winter has been usually dry and warm? Here is the percent of average precipitation for the last month. The summer lake are is has received 25-50% of normal precipitation.
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Anyway, the NWS Spokane folks deserve credit for suggesting this solution and I basically have just provided a bit of supporting evidence. There are, of course, some other possibilities, like aliens and chemtrails, but I suspect the Summer Lake (and similar nearby lake) origin is the right one.
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But, they haven't ruled out "chemtrails" or aliens.;)


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Summer Lake:



Easy to see why this could lead to "milky looking" rain downwind.

Looks like they had it right:


Scientists at Washington State University on Tuesday said they have solved the mystery of dirty rain that fell on portions of the Pacific Northwest in February.

The milky rain on Feb. 6 was the result of a rare weather pattern that began nearly 500 miles away near a dry Oregon lake bed, meteorologist Nic Loyd said. A meshing of weather systems ultimately caused dirty-white-colored raindrops to fall in parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The high sodium content of the rain, combined with an analysis of wind patterns during that time, point to a severe dust storm that whipped up sand and soil at Oregon’s remote Summer Lake, the scientists said.
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