Operation Paperclip etymology

I understand the book you're referencing, that's not my point. I'm saying I have not actually seen it referenced or presented by the government itself, which is entirely capable of doing so. It is referenced and presented by external parties, and has not been corroborated by the government to my understanding. We have neither the historical study McGovern quoted, nor do we have the memo itself. That does not mean it is inaccurate. I also did not state anything about "versions", and isn't really what I was getting at.
Then I did misunderstand, apologies. To reiterate, I have not seen the memo in primary form (as I stated) but was willing (for now) to accept its citation in McGovern to be accurate (as I stated).
It wasn't you Tezcatlipoca but an unnamed third person who stated I was claiming the JCS memo as a "version". And queried it. Twice.