Obama Moves To Rename Thanksgiving To ‘Immigrants Day'


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[bunk]Obama is going to change the name of Thanksgiving to 'Immigrants Day'.
We will always call it thanksgiving no matter what

Despite protests from leaders throughout the country, Obama is pushing to bring Syrian refugees into our country. To add insult to injury, reports indicate that officials within the administration are hoping to change the name of Thanksgiving to “Immigrants Day.”

The information comes from conservative activist Susan Payne from Maryland, who overheard the plans on a call being led by Cecilia Munoz, assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council.
https://www.facebook.com/ThePatriotReview/posts/702045249986053 https://archive.is/4frdU [/bunk]

In a nutshell, this is an old regurgitated piece of bunk seemingly being recycled due to the Syrian refugee debate since the Paris Attacks. In Jan-Feb 2015 anti-amnesty activist Sue Payne, and other immigrant activist groups, were invited to participate in a conference call series with a task force Obama set up On November 21, 2014 - the Task Force on New Americans.

Sue Payne claims that on this call one participant made the suggestion that "once this was all finished, there should be another executive order that changes Thanksgiving to celebrate Immigrants Day."

Ms.Payne who claims to have taken "extensive notes" could not recall who made the suggestion. She never suggested a member of Obama's staff made the suggestion, in fact when asked their reaction she says (paraphrased) "they laughed and thanked the caller for the suggestion"

I didnt read the whole final report submitted by this Task Force, but the terms "Thanksgiving", "Immigrant's Day" or "Holiday" are not even in the report to the White House. Report submitted: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/final_tf_newamericans_report_4-14-15_clean.pdf

There is no evidence Obama has even remotely considered this alleged suggestion.

From Sue Payne's radio station:

March 4, 2015
susan payne on the Joe Miller radio Show:
"(TS :50) they said that once this was all finished, there should be another executive order that changes Thanksgiving to celebrate Immigrants Day."

"(1:10TS) I was going over my notes during the break and really all ive got is names of people and where they were calling in from. [..]chicago, LA, and i guess they would represent their groups but...

Joe Miller (TS 1:44) "so any opposition at all, for example when one of the groups suggested that we have 'celebrate Immigrant's Day' rather than Thanksgiving?"

"oh no, they just thanked them for their suggestion. and they laughed and thought it was a good idea and thanked them for the suggestion. But to me as an American..[..] I was offended by this stuff"
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