NPR Story on Geoengineering:


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To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn To Hacking The Earth

Discusses climate change and research on proposed methods of mitigation. Also discusses the rogue iron enrichment experiment in Canada.

Of course the story basically says that geoengineering isn't happening and hasn't really been tested.

"One unfortunate consequence of that is that early, small-scale research that could help us understand more about whether these things would work, what risks they would pose and how you would do them most effectively, isn't really getting done," he says. "And that's really quite a risky situation....

One of the wild things about geoengineering is that even the scientists proposing it don't really want to do it. The need for it, says Matthew Watson, is just a sign of how bad things are.

"That's why I push the research agenda so hard," he says. "I'm pretty appalled by the thought of full-scale deployment, but I'm also pretty worried about burying our heads in the sand and not thinking about what that would mean."

Naturally the chemtrail believers are showing up in the comments:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME npr?? does anyone look up anymore? "They" have been geoengineering our skies with CHEMICAL TRAILS from airplanes for over a decade. I can't believe not one hard question for Professor Parson about what they are actually spraying and the many alternative news sites that document this chemical spraying. We've been asking questions for years

A new technology? I'm still shaking my head

I sure hope ALL THINGS CONSIDERED digs a little deeper on this most important cover-up. Does anyone do real investigative reporting anymore? Maybe another one of npr's programs would take this to the streets?
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