North Wales beneath the sea


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I think, if your standing on the harbour at Aberystwth to get that view over the sea you will be looking North West-ish towards Pwllheli.

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This appears to be Garn Fadryn, 1217 feet high (mountains in the UK are tiny)
Garn Fadryn A.jpg
Garn Fadryn B.jpg

Rough pixel measures show about 48/117 pixel missing so 1217*48/117 = about 500 feet missing. A fraction of 0.41. It's 38 miles away, and 33 feet eye height:
Almost exactly right for standard refraction - so very good viewing conditions.
I started making list and was going to get the bearings, but you seem to be on top of it already!

I am fairly sure that you can't see bardsey at all from that sort of position/ elevation, so that seems about right.

Mynydd Rhiw Elevation: 304 m - second photo with TV mast
Carn Fadryn Elevation: 371 m - Mick's no.3
Garn Boduan Elevation: 279 m - no.4?
Yr Eifl Elevation: 564 m photo - no.5?
Moel-y-gest Elevation: 263 m
Gyrn Ddu Elevation: 522 m - no.6?
Craig Cwm Silyn Elevation: 734 m no.7?
Garnedd Goch Elevation: 700 m no.7?

Mynydd Enlli (Bardsey Island) Elevation: 167 m - not visible
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