Normal and Toxic Levels of Aluminum in Blood Serum

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Some variations of the chemtrail theory suggest that aluminum is part of what is being sprayed. The suggestions as to why this is so range from weather control, to geoengineering, to gaining control of the food supply with aluminum resistent crops. Some people have had thier blood tested for aluminum, and suggest that the presence of aluminum, sometimes at elevated levels, is evidence of the chemtrail theory.

The most obvious problems with this is that there's no way of knowing where the aluminum is coming from, and the wide variations in levels found indicate it's not comping from spraying, which would create a more even elevation in levels (if at all, seeing as it would take millions of tons to outweigh the environmental aluminum).

But those objections aside, what is the a "normal" level of aluminum? What would be considered toxic? Well it turns out it depends on how you measure it, and who you ask. More recent sources tend to use lower values. But it seems like below about 10 mcg/L is fairly normal, and above 50 mcg/L is generally now considered a toxic level.

(Note on units, 1 mcg/L = 1 µg/L = 1 ng/mL = 0.001 mg/L = 27 umol/L, I'll convert everything to mcg/L, micrograms per liter)
Aluminum is such a common element that contamination is very easy:
Also diet can play quite a large factor, particularly the consumption of antacids, and the combination of antacids with citrus has a magnifying effect:

The first two columns above are interesting as they are the "control" of healthy individuals before the diet of antacids and citrus. They show a normal range of 2 to 11 mcg/L. But what's also interesting is the huger differences from week 1 to week 2 with no additions to the diet. Some levels stayed the same, some went from 11 to 2, one went from 3 to 11. This shows that aluminum levels in blood are highly variable, probably due to ordinary variations in diet and environmental exposure.
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