New tool called rbutr, to indicate a web page has been rebutted

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I ran across this and thought it may be of interest. This was mentioned in passing in a couple of threads already, but it hasn't received any further comment.

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About rbutr
rbutr is a community driven app which creates links between webpages where the content of one page is a rebuttal against the other. The content may be directly arguing against the original content, or generally presenting contradictory evidence. App users are alerted when they browse a rebutted page, providing them a link through to the rebuttal(s).

rbutr aims to facilitate inter-website debate, guide users to rebuttals of dubious information, and indirectly influence our users so that they approach all online information with an increased level of skepticism and critical appraisal.

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Yes, I've been using it for a few weeks now. The most useful thing it does right now is let me get a debunk out effectively to the biggest Tweeters. I've not actually found any rebuttals yet other than the ones I've added - I must move in different circles of bunk.
I've just installed the Ff plug-in, & registered, after seeing it here. Any quirks that you've noticed?

No really. It's not in very wide use though. I only ever see it on very well-travelled pages, and to be honest I never really click on the rebuttals. I don't think t's going to catch on any more.
I'm still using it. Still finding it useful. And I try to connect rebuttals as much as possible, even mirrors of rebutted sources.
Does the app indicate which side a given web page is on? That a given website is bunk or is being used to debunk?

From the description is says a given website has been debunked.

At first I thought that this would be mixed blessing. You really want to see if a web page is on either site of the argument.

I could see folks poisoning the well so to speak. Nothing stopping someone from post bunk as being debunk.

After giving this some thought, this might actual work to some good. I mean if we could get the bunk websites to use this app to point to debunk websites they would be doing the work for us.

As a quick litmus test I think this app has some potential.