New permalink format (actually permanent)

Mick West

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The permalink for individual posts used to be like:

It is now:

The original is actually a link to a page in a thread, and then an internal bookmark. The problem is if the posts have been deleted, or the threads are merged and split, then the post might not be on the page it was before and the link will be broken.

The shorter link just has the post number, so the server has to find out which thread it is in, and which page, and then redirect to the full URL. This is slower, but links to posts (rather than threads) are rarely clicked on.

It was a change that needed a little editing of site templates, so let me know if anything seems wrong.
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I recently tried to link to a specific post, by using the permalink (in Twitter).

Unfortunately, when I paste the link in a browser where I'm not logged in to Metabunk, I get thrown on the login page - and so is everyone else trying the link.

There is an error message above the log-in:
Intentional or unexpected?
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