New Fuel additive to decrease volatility


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Aircraft fuel volatility has long been a source of research for safety purposes - if it is possible to reduce the chance of a fuel fire after a crash then many lives might be saved - (in)famously NASA et al crashed a Boeing 720 in 1984 testing a proposal that didn't quite work.

the latest development on this front is a fuel additive that promises to reduce flammability by introducing long chain polymers that prevent fuel atomising unless they pass through a restricted orifice - so the fuel would still atomise in the engine - but not if the fuel tanks were ruptured.

sounds great ....right? Potentially for some serious life saving??

However I'm going to predict that the Chemtrail CT community are going to go bananas over it - long train polymers are one of the things they have occasionally haarped (sic) on about - and now it might become a reality?? Fun times.....
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