New "Costa Rica" UFO - Prop UFO from 1984 Los Angeles Olympics


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Saw this thread on Reddit about a Costa Rica UFO report.


This article seems to be the source:

Here is the pic of the UFO someone took that's in the article and also posted on reddit, unknown who took it


This is the UFO zoomed in:


Seems to be a cut and paste photo shop job to me, some have said it's compression artifacts.
The rectangle shaped block and hard edges make me think it's photoshop paste job

It looks like compression artifacts to me, jpeg macro blocks will look like this when there is a small area of detail on an otherwise blank background.

This doesn't mean it is or isn't real though, if you fake it to look like this on a black background JPEG will still compress it the same way, This has also been converted to PNG at some point possibly with a different compression scheme applied, maybe even a still from a video.

The end result is as little information as possible to start to even know what it is.