Needs debunking: Video of a solar eclipse is fake because we cannot see the moon covering the sun


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A particular flat earth video calims this video of a solar eclipse taken from a space balloon is fake because we cannot se the moon covering the sun in the footage of this solar eclipse:

Why dont we see the moon covering the sun in the in the video? Shouldnt we see it? Or is it because of the perspective the video was shot? (Im sorry if this is a super obvious thing)

This is one of the first times im posting here, so feedback is welcome. If there is something you think i should change about this post please let me know

Video that makes the calim that its a fake: (claim is made at 20:55)


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Its all perspective, this particular eclipse was only predicted for totality in "Total:Arnhem Land and central Cape York Peninsula, Australia, Kermadec Islands, New Zealand" -,_2012

the balloon that the camera is shooting from was an incredible 25km straight up!

A total eclipse doesn't look the same all around the world at the same time, but its pretty obvious that a huge shadow is being cast across the Earth.

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The first 1:20 of that vid are taken from an Onion piece then goes on to use a Robin Williams stand up piece to support another piece of BS. They also fail to understand the limited abilities of cameras to operate in high contrast situations. Vis a vis the docking videos taken from the ISS, which are supposed to support one of their claims.


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The balloon appears to be launched in or nearby the totality zone. At that place totality lasted for about 2 minutes. The moon's shadow races with a speed of 2000 km/h across the Earth's surface roughly westwards. The width of the totality zone was about 130 km. The shadowcone (with a cone angle of 0,27°) made an angle of 13° with the Earth's surface. How on earth would one expect to keep a drifting balloon inside this shadow?
The camera had no solar filter, so the sun is heavily overexposed with the consequence that you can't tell if a portion is covered by the moon.


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I took this photo within 5 minutes of the end of totality (December 4 2002 eclipse). The disk of the sun would have been about 90-95% covered at this point but you wouldn't know it.


And 15 minutes after that. The only clue is in the crescent shape of the sun's image in the lens reflection.

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