Needs Debunking/Verifying: Scholz and weapons/money for Ukraine


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Does this really need debunking?
I think the claim (many claims of many statements attributed to Scholz, "the industry" etc) needs a LOT of sourcing and quoting before debunking can commence.

No doubt Scholz is on the cautious side, no doubt he has met with disagreement on some of his statements and intentions, but I doubt there actually exists a "timeline" with actually all the alleged statements.

First red flag: Author calls this a "timeline", but, except for the very first entry, "At the end of February", contains no dates.
Next red flag: "21) The US, UK, Australia, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark all report they were not hit by nuclear weapons." (that's in post "9/n", which is, currently, the latest). Obviously, this is sarcasm, no such reports have actually been made. The entire thread is a politically motivated rant.