Needs Debunking: "Alien interview" from the documentary Area 51: Alien interview

Hello all, This video that I'm trying to debunk has been bugging me for years, however finally after many hours I have went through all of the evidence available on this video to come up with some answers.

The video I'm talking about is from the documentary Alien interview which is available currently on YouTube and which I'll be referencing a lot throughout this post.

The film was made in 1997 by a production company known as Vega 7 Entertainment, who later released a special edition of the film in 2008 with an additional interview of the alleged whistle blower who's the focus of the film. Aside from this film, the only other feature length movie that I'm aware of by this company is a TV movie about the evidence of UFO's (Vega 7 Entertainment filmography).

The Film
The film focuses on a lot of different theories about UFO's, from Roswell to Majestic 12 conspiracies. But the crux of the film is the alleged 'real' interview with an alien that was smuggled out of area 51 by a man only known as "Victor."

The interview with victor starts at 24:11 within the video. The interview to me looks staged and very theatrical, if the questions were decided beforehand, I personally don't see a reason why Victor got so aggravated with what was asked. Victor claims that there are many alien interviews but this one is from late in the series from 1989.

The footage of the alien starts at 32:13 and ends at 35:09, the video is set in a small location which supposedly is the interrogation room. In the middle of the screen there appears to be a creature with a large head, black beady eyes and a grey or green skin colour. In the shadows there seem to be two figures, which are later clarified to be the telepath (who talks with the Alien allegedly) and Military aid to the right. There seems to be a heart monitor on the table that reacts to the way happens to the alien. The head of the alien moves about a lot until it starts jerking and violently which causes the two medics to come and attempt to help the creature.

At 35:09 of the film Victor tries to explain why the footage has no sound and at 35:52 he starts explaining the footage. He claims that:
  • The video has no sound in order to protect the people within it
  • The footage is dark for the comfort of the alien
  • The figure on the left is the Telepath
  • The person on the right is a military aid
  • The alien is seated behind a glass wall in a bio-containment area for the safety of the alien
  • The aliens eliminated viral and microbial life in their ecosystem
  • Alien's jerky movement are signs of distress
  • The medical staff is called in although they are slow to respond
  • The medical personnel is selected for willingness to keep secrets not medical expertise
  • The medics are not shining the light into the Alien's eyes, they are looking for haemorrhages in the eye sockets and nasal cavity
At 40:17 Tom Diletosso, an image analyst, analyses the footage and claims that it's likely it was shot on film and not on video, although under certain circumstances it could have been shot on video.

At 46:13, Rick Baker, Hollywood make-up artist, dismissed the footage as a puppet.

At 52:00, UFOlogist Micheal Hessmann believes the footage may be linked to Kalahari reports of an alleged UFO crash landing in 1989.

That covers the claims of the film. As mentioned, there was a follow up 11 years later and I can summarise majority of that 20 minute interview in:

At 13:45, Victor starts claiming that "The end times are upon us"
At 14:33, Victor is very persistent about asking where was Donald Rumsfeld on March 23rd of 2008
At 14:52, Victor says Rumsfeld new of the alien interviews at least since 1974
At 15:20, Victor says that Rumsfeld is planning on leaving this earth before "The end comes"
At 17:37, Victor says "My head is a bee hive" and says something in Latin (I think)

Believer's claims
One if the main proponents of this film is a channel known simply as TheAlienInterview which is the channel of a UK based UFOlogist who attempts to prove the legitimacy of the Alien Interview

Most of the evidence is in relation to the movement of the Alien (mainly eyes) and the reactions of the personnel. There's quite a lot of these instances and a lot of them seem to be frivolous at best, however there's a few that I can't quite understand:

First video
Second Video
Third Video
Frame by frame analysis
Debunking the debunkers video
  • Apparently because the medic shined the light at the aliens body it showed that the neck was too thin for a puppeteer (Time stamp: 1:25)
The believer believes that the original tape that victor had wasn't as dark as shown in the video. This video explains that point but it's summarised in the photo at the end: Video difference.PNG

It tries to showcase that the original tape brought by victor was brighter.

My interpretation
I believe that this video is a hoax, however, I am not too good at debunking. The only things that I can think of that go against it are:

  • The darkness I believe is to conceal the reality behind the puppet, it's alleged that it's for the comfort of the Alien however as one user on IMDb pointed out: (Source)
  • The same user points out how different and more dramatic victor is in the 2008 interview
  • The alien looks very puppet like to me overall​
  • The video is based upon a lot of conjecturing conspiracy theories on UFO's​
  • This all seems more theatrical than attempt at documentation​
Overall I think it's fake, however I'm not too sure how to debunk it. I hope I have made this post to a good standard. It honestly took me a very long time, I just want to be able to have more evidence against this documentary. If I'm honest, the reason why I'm so passionate about this is because of the talk of the end of the world in the 2008 interview; stuff like that really makes me paranoid and recently I've skipped on sleep, food and assignments because I feel so paralysed by the fear of this. In my mind, being able to debunk this also allows for Victor's claims of the end to be debunked.

I'm sorry if I'm rambling but honestly I just feel exhausted, I spent most of today gathering all the information I could. I'm hoping this post is good enough. I'm really sorry if it isn't.


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Is it a video of the video we are seeing in the 1st youtube clip from 32.25, it just looks at an odd angle. Like someone is filming a display from an oblique angle. It's hard to understand the setup of what we are seeing.
Is it a video of the video we are seeing in the 1st youtube clip from 32.25, it just looks at an odd angle. Like someone is filming a display from an oblique angle. It's hard to understand the setup of what we are seeing.
From what I understand it is the tape that the character “Victor” copied from Area 51, it might be the video of the video but I’m not too sure.
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