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Need 3/8/14 Andaman Sea Sat Photos to Verify Malaysia Woman Saw Downed MH370

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Pete Tar

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It makes you wonder that because he liked model airplanes he might have been a terrorist planning to use them as flying bombs? Because some other nutbag did?


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That doesn't make any sense sorry - the captain loved aviation so it makes you wonder about the Feds saying a "Terror Suspect Wanted To Use Model Planes To Launch Bomb Attacks"?? What does that mean?:confused:

WW read the last line of Zebra's post before mine.


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WW read the last line of Zebra's post before mine.

It just means that a "HOBBY" is not a "terrorism event".

Sure, a small R/C "TOY" could, I suppose.....carry a few ounces of "explosives".

But isn't THIS the point we make to refute the "chem"trail nonsense?

EDIT: "payload, payload, payload"


no. you guys all didn't get it. The model can be used to carry the spoofed rigs of pings and take a slow short route cross Malaysia Peninsular back southeast and canproduce the same ping arcs as Inmarsat had.
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