Mysterious illuminated objects filmed from ferry off US coast[Military flares]


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So was watching latest Luis Elizondo on Tucker Carlson Tonight where they randomly showed this recent UFO clip:
(11 secs)

from news article: "Guy took the footage while crossing the Pamlico Sound from Ocracoke Island to the mainland."
so location is here:,-76.3930273,100887m

looks like there is only 1 path from island (point is just a my guess of the filming location)

and guy is looking to the left side of ferry, so the closest coast to the left is 17miles away

lets take a closer look at this coast ...

some strange objects, what are they?

oh, it's military bombing range...

some info about this place:
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Illumination flares dropped by military aircraft or fired by artillery or on rockets. Each is on a parachute.

Presented as a non-mystery by military personnel

Presented as a non-mystery by an amateur astronomer. These appear to be rockets.

Examples of flares presented as mystery objects by naive witnesses:

These are being dropped by aircraft and are bigger and longer lasting than the artillery deployed flares.

These are illumination flares in South Africa. Many miles away so they appear red due to Rayleigh scattering.
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In this kind of case, here are some typical objections.

These aren't flares because:

They're stationary/they're just hovering motionless.
There's no smoke trails. You always see smoke trails.
They're in formation and the formation doesn't change. The wind would blow them around in front of each other.

It has to be realized that there are different types of illuminating flares.

Relatively small flares:

-Hand held rockets
-80 mm mortar rounds
-120 mm mortar rounds

Large flares:
-dropped by aircraft.

These large flares are many times the size and many times brighter than than those above. They are ejected at high altitude. They can be seen for many miles. At that distance, smoke trails are not visible, a rate of descent of 8 feet/sec is not noticeable, the effect of wind drift is not noticeable. They are much farther apart than the smaller flares so drift doesn't affect their relative positions to one another nearly as much.

Hand held rockets:

80 mm mortar:

120mm mortar:

With all of these smaller flares you do see motion and smoke trails.

One other thing. Aircraft also eject small countermeasure flares:

Completely different thing from illuminating flares

Countermeasure flares presented as mystery objects by naive witness:

Identified by knowledgeable witness:
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Some folks looking toward the east from the town of Oriental have seen them.

You buried the lede.



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Thanks. I should have elaborated more in my post. There are people that live across the river from Piney Island Range. They had a much closer view of the flares than the guy filming from the ferry >20 km away and that little local paper had a picture and explanation.
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