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My dad is a huge conspiracy guy. Every time I visit my parents, he kind of have some new thing he is following. Nowadays it's of course flat earth. But during these years it has changed so much and it can be roughly related to facts or history, or sometimes to completely made-up things such as "atomic bombs don't work except on some specific time of year because the sun has to be in the correct location for the atomic bomb to work." So completely crazy things. But he also follows and reads history and I think he knows very well about it.

When I was a kid I had to listen all that all the time and I believed very much some of those things. I started following the same topics and searching for additional info. But I had that feeling that every time when I find something new world-changing, I need to double-check it from some additional source. I just cannot rely on one single web site that is trying to change my whole world view. I just can't let it do so so easily.

So when I found any new conspiracy theory, I began searching from the internet an additional source for that. I had to have at least 2 sources for a conspiracy to have it be anyhow realistic for me. And surprisingly I found many of those sources, but the stories never were the same in those different sources. I found out that about conspiracy theories, there is no consensus, but thousands of contradictory versions of what happened or how the "system" works. It was a huge turn off for me.

Also, if you start finding additional info that would lock it all together. Something such as "show us the chemtrail chemical factory and the mechanism of how it's being spread from planes or even the chemical formula of what the chemtrail material is and how we can measure the amounts of it from the air. And people who are involved in it" -we never get answers for those. You just have to trust them.

Still, they all seem to agree with everything together, but then at the same time, they don't seem to agree at anything. It was the thing that made me understand that most of that are based on just pure lies. There are many reasons why someone would make up these lies. Economical reasons not being the least one.

I think conspiracy theories are modern-day folklores. They used to talk for example about werewolves and there probably always was someone who saw in his own eyes the werewolf in the forest. - You just have to trust him, because he never provided any evidence of those. Yet still, he was so nicely able to describe the look of those and their habits, etc.

I remember one visit when my uncle visited with his family to us. And my dad wanted to show him a video of the alien autopsy he found from youtube. I saw from my uncle that he was about to puke. I saw from him that he saw something in my dad which was wrong and he wasn't able to continue watching the video.

For me, it was a reality, since my dad was talking about these and showing this kind of videos all the time to me. But I realized that it's a wrong direction and I cannot build my life on that kind of surface. I needed to figure out so many reasons why would someone make a fake alien autopsy video for my dad and especially for my uncle. Just to help my uncle from dropping into these things. If I remember correctly, I found the directors confession about the video also. He made it up just to become more popular or something like that.

But the thing is that if we look at history, there always have been some conspiracy theories that were true and are nowadays historical facts. For example Rome history. Always someone was up with something. There is no logical reason to believe that nowadays such things wouldn't happen in a different way. So I think the problem is to find a good position for these. What is realistic and what's not?
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