MKULTRA - Were children involved, and was the focus only to find a truth serum?

Joe Newman

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Cairenn said in the now locked Vigilant Citizen thread: Yes there was a program called MKUltra, but they did not work with children, like you lady claims. They did some nasty things but not those. The focus was to try to find a 'truth serum'.

It appears that there was much, much more going on with MKUltra than finding a truth serum and that children were indeed involved.

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Joe Newman

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Thread title edited to better reflect intent of the thread.

If that was my intent, I'm fairly sure I would have titled it that way. It's not just about the children, but the notion that it was only about searching for a truth serum. They both need debunking, so please either add the rest or put it back to the way I had it. Thank you.
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If that was my intent, I'm fairly sure I would have titled that way. It's not just about the children, but the notion that it was only about searching for a truth serum. They both need debunking, so please either add the rest or put it back to the way I had it. Thank you.

Fair enough, thread title edited again to reflect this.

Either way, did you check out the new posting guidelines?
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Mick West

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Can you quote the actual evidence that children were involved in MK ULTRA? You quotes above just give a variety of disconnected references.

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The vast majority of the records surrounding the MK ultra program were destroyed, so its truly impossible to know how far it went / who or what was involved. However, I -believe- there's a record out there of some few-dozen of the medical facilities involved in the program. If any one of those facilities was exclusive to children, that would settle it, so if anyone knows where such a list can be found, post it, and we can do a bit of sleuthing. That being said, there was absolutely no shortage of outrageous abuses inflicted on children within hospitals and psych wards in the 50's right into the 70's. A sick and twisted sense of entitlement in regard to mentally ill or developmentally challenged children, often with it's roots in eugenics, led to despicable crimes. Given that climate of abuse within the medical, especially the psychological community in America at the time, it would be hard to imagine a program as widespread as MK ultra and it's affiliates not involving children, though I've neve seen anyndirect proof of it myself.

That being said, I understand there's a fair deal of evidence suggesting Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unibomber, was involved in MKultra research at Harvard university, when he was only 16.
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